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Composted Cow Manure

  • Cow manure "plus humus"
  • High organic matter provides plants with a storehouse of nutrients
  • Changes marginally performing soil to a rich, fertile soil
  • Helps "break up" clayish soils and holds sandy soils together
  • Fertility Analysis of 1/2-1/2-1/2 and 1-1-1 available
  • Excellent organic soil conditioner
  • Available in 40 Lb. bags
  • Dehydrated Cow Manure

  • Fortified through dehydration, drier than composted manure
  • Must be mixed with existing soil, 3 parts of existing soil to 1 part dehydrated cow manure
  • Excellent organic soil conditioner
  • Restores fertility to depleted soils
  • Available in 40 Lb. bags
  • Consult your local Jolly Gardener vendor for availability of products in your region.